Finding Information

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The Index to the left contains every link and topic within this site, including those accessed via the submenus in the menu bar along the top of the main pages (see above). For example, all the dictionaries listed under Other Resources/Dictionaries can also be accessed via the Index. Every topic in the Grammar & Usage, Punctuation and Parts of Speech sections can likewise be accessed via the Index.

The main pages themselves also contain cross-links to the other sections. For example, in the Grammar & Usage section you'll find links to topics in the Parts of Speech and Punctuation sections, where appropriate.

The Index can be “popped up” from any page by clicking on the Index button in the menu bar.

NOTE: You can return to the home page by clicking on the Home button in the menu bar or by clicking on the image wherever it appears.

Help With Search

The search function used within allows you to refine your search in various ways, as described below. Note that the search function simply lists links to the pages that contain the information you searched for; it does not locate the search string itself within the page. For that, use [Ctrl] F after you've clicked on the page link, and re-search for the desired information.

Search for exact phrase (literal): Enclose a text string in quotes to search for that precise phrase within the site. Example: Entering "compound verb" returns only pages containing the phrase “compound verb”.

Search for any occurrence: Entering the text without the quotes (i.e., compound verb) returns any page containing both the word “compound” and “verb” but not necessarily next to each other, as does the literal search described above.

Search for one but not the other: Entering compound NOT verb returns only those pages that contain the word “compound” and do not contain the word “verb.” A minus sign can be substituted for the word NOT (e.g., compound -verb).

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